Börner Ecological Resource Enhancement is a consulting activity for the restructuring of local and national economies around their respective natural heritage and for the enhancement of habitats.

1. The consultation aims at preserving and creating self-sustainning habitats for plants and animals, especially amphibians and reptiles (herps). The consultation comprises of advice on

  • the identification of areas for habitat protection,
  • the enhancement of the carrying capacity of a given or designated habitat for distinctive and monitor species, especially herps,
  • the measures to obtain self-sufficiency and/or minimum care necessity for a given area.

Advice has been rendered for Mauritius e.g. (Phelsuma guentheri – second population), California (Uma scoparia – protection of aeolic sands near Palm Springs), Rhineland – Palatinate (emerald lizard, sand lizard, wall lizards, smooth snake), Northrhine-Westphalia (sand lizard, common lizard), Hessen (crested newt, yellow-bellied toad, natterjack toad, green toad, wall liazrds).

The advice is based on 60+ years of experience with herps and their biota.

2, The consultation further aims at the planning and restructuring of the local and / or national economy around preservation and planning of natural heritage sites: infrastructure, tourism, green economy.

Advice based on the study of macro-economics and LDC aid as well as biology since the 1970ies, has previously been rendered e.g. for areas in Northrhine-Westphalia and for Tunisia.


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